FALL into Beauty with Solaana MD’s Healthy Base Layer Skin Cream (Part I)

FALL into Beauty with Solaana MD’s Healthy Base Layer Skin Cream (Part I)

Worried that the sun isn't as high in the sky and your vitamin D level won’t be either? Looking for something new to add to your fall skincare routine?


Now you can get your Vitamin D boost in a skin cream! Meet Solaana MD Healthy Base Layer, a rich moisturizer with Vitamin D that’s perfect for all skin types and allays your skincare woes. This vegan, patent-pending, physician-formulated moisturizer offers superior skin hydration and provides Vitamin D3, hyaluronic acid, fresh mint, rosemary, and eucalyptus leaf extract, coconut oil, and organic aloe. Our ultra-hydrating, smooth, non-greasy formulation provides all of the benefits your skin craves this fall and all year round.

Introducing the first ever luxury physician-formulated Vitamin D enriched skin cream

Solaana MD Healthy Base Layer is the first ever luxury physician-formulated Vitamin D enriched skin cream. A patent-pending skincare innovation to achieve the beneficial effects of vitamin D3 (the “sunshine vitamin”) without harmful UV exposure. Healthy Base Layer can be used underneath your preferred sunscreen or alone. Experience the Solaana MD Healthy Base Layer difference by applying to your face and body as often as desired for healthy, radiant skin. 

What sparked the Healthy Base Layer innovation?

Have you heard all the buzz about vitamin D? Vitamin D is essential for optimal health and has far-reaching effects on our body. A lack of vitamin D is linked to weakened immunity and bones, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, dementia and even depression. On top of these chronic issues, vitamin D is crucial for acne prevention, skin cell repair, and overall skin health. But there’s a catch: while exposure to sunlight is beneficial to restore low vitamin D levels, too much sunlight can be harmful and may contribute to skin cancer, painful burns and premature aging. Appropriate use of sunblock may further reduce vitamin D production. With all this in mind, Solaana MD is changing the face of skin health.

Environmental, genetic and lifestyle factors all affect our levels of vitamin D. Normally our body obtains vitamin D by eating foods high in vitamin D such as egg yolks, fatty fish, and fortified dairy products, through oral supplements, or when our bare skin is exposed to sunlight. However, many modern lifestyle factors affect our levels of vitamin D including time spent indoors, poor diet and correctly applied sunscreen (which we all should be using).

New studies show that Vitamin D can be safely and effectively absorbed through the skin! Solaana MD Healthy Base Layer is a patent-pending formulation that infuses Vitamin D into a dermatologist-recommended and beauty editor-approved ultra-hydrating face and body cream.  Since most of us use a face and body cream on a daily basis, especially as the weather turns cooler, using Solaana MD enriched with Vitamin D is an easy way to give our skin and bodies a healthy boost of Vitamin D.

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